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Handheld Pressurized Shower Head with 5 Adjustable Modes

It's More Than Just A Shower Head: It's The Ultimate In Luxury.

This shower head features 84 self-cleaning silicone jet nozzles, 26 ABS nozzles and five different modes of pressure. With the wide range of water intensities available to you, this incredibly versatile shower head will guarantee that your showering experience is always at its best—whether it's a light mist or a heavy blast. 

 Features & Benefits:

  • Air-in Technology
  • 5 High-Pressure Settings
  • Dirt-Resistant Silicone Outlets
  • Single Button Operation
  • Large shower head delivering a powerful water flow
  • One-click adjustable pressure setting (pulse/rainfall/ mixed/massage/spray gun)
  • Releases water through silicone outlets, keeping it dirt-free
  • High-quality construction with a matte black finish


  • Included: Shower Head, Holder, and 1.5m. Hose
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Outlet Material: Silicon Gel
  • Interface: Standard Interface(2cm)
  • Size head: 90 mm*250 mm
  • Size holder: 80 mm*120mm
  • Length hose: 1.5m