We cover the entire range of new product development, from concept to prototype. We also developed a network of partners in order to provide pilot and mass manufacturing in Romania and China. We have one of our technicians permanently located in Shenzen.

Concept development

We developed and patented some entirely new concepts of mechatronic systems. Two of them are packaging machinery modules and we propose them to machine builders.

- Concepts and potential solution generation
- Functional Analysis
- Technology Research
- Description of Performance Requirements
- Defining electrical/mechanical specifications
- Develop industrial design concepts, ergonomics and human factors solutions
- Design, build and test proof of concept prototypes
- Investigate manufacturing methods
- Investigate standard and off the shelf parts integration
- Investigate Safety issues

Mechanical engineering

  • - All state-of-the-art CAD/CAM skills, from 3D modelling and 2D drafting to CAM programming.
    - Complete Costed Bill of Materials
    - Material knowledge and selection
    - Design for manufacturability and assembly
    - Structural analysis and testing
    - Finite Element Analysis
    - System dynamics simulation
    - Prototyping and manufacturing experience
    - CAD software: SolidWorks, Inventor, Catia
    - CAM software: Delcam, SolidCam
    - Modeling and Simulation software: 20-Sim

Electrical engineering

- Development and fine tuning of software architecture
- Complex electro-mechanical systems
- Advanced electronics design and integration, including embedded micro-controllers
- Automation control and electrical engineering secvential automation (PLC & HMI)
- Continuous or Dynamic automation, with implementation using different solutions: Elau, Omron, Siemens, Beckhoff, Schneider
- Motion control and Numeric motion control: torque, speed and position control.
- Modelling, simulation, control and analysis of mechatronic systems dynamic behaviour: Matlab, - Simulink, Real Time Workshop, Embedded Coder, 20-sim, dSPACE
- Development of wired and wireless monitoring and communication systems:CAN/CANOpen, ZigBee, TCP/IP


In-house capabilities and skills, combined with an established supplier network.

Standard prototyping methods: milling, turning, laser or water cutting, sheet metal, tube and wire forming.

3D printing.

Production ramp-up

  • - Production & manufacturing documentation
    - Tooling and product catalog
    - Manufacturing sourcing & coordination
    - Tooling design & built management
    - Design modifications & tooling changes
    - First article evaluation & verification
    - Product support & concurrent engineering
  • - Cost optimization
    - Pilot production

Project samples

One recent project example is Greentek Led Lighting. We helped them designing their new led lighting modules. From the first sketches to their new manufacturing and assembly line. On the electrical side, we helped them develop their drives and their Zigbee communication platform.