We cover the entire range of new product development, from concept to prototype.
We also developed a network of partners in order to provide pilot and mass manufacturing in Romania and China. We have one of our technicians permanently located in Shenzen.

Research and development

    Research/Feasibility Study
    System architecture and design
    Proof of concept prototype design
    Supply chain strategy
    Cost analysis and Competitive Product Studies
    Manufacturing Evaluation
    Design & Product Specifications

R&D 4 wheeled vehicle

We built a R&D 4 wheeled vehicle in order to be able to test, monitor and validate electric solutions for all main vehicle functions: traction, steering, tilting, breaking, suspension.

Concept development

    Concepts and potential solution generation
    Functional Analysis
    Technology Research
    Description of Performance Requirements
    Defining electrical/mechanical specifications
    Develop industrial design concepts, ergonomics and human factors solutions
    Design, build and test proof of concept prototypes
    Investigate manufacturing methods
    Investigate standard and off the shelf parts integration
    Investigate Safety issues

Mechanical engineering

All state-of-the-art CAD/CAM skills, from 3D modelling and 2D drafting to CAM programming.
Complete Costed Bill of Materials
Material knowledge and selection
Design for manufacturability and assembly
Structural analysis and testing
Finite Element Analysis
System dynamics simulation
Prototyping and manufacturing experience
CAD software: SolidWorks, Inventor, Catia
CAM software: Delcam, SolidCam
Modeling and Simulation software: 20-Sim

R&D 4 wheeled electrical vehicle
R&D 4 wheeled electrical vehicle
R&D 4 wheeled electrical vehicle
FEA electric vehicle
FEA 4 wheeled electrical vehicle
R&D 4 wheeled vehicle
R&D 4 wheeled vehicle
R&D 4 wheeled vehicle
CAD SolidWorks
CAD Inventor
CAD SolidWorks
CAD SolidWorks
CAD SolidWorks
CAD SolidWorks

Electrical engineering

Development and customization of software architecture
Complex electro-mechanical systems
Advanced electronics design and integration, including embedded microcontrollers
Modeling, simulation and analyzing of the dynamic behavior of mechatronic systems: Matlab, Simulink, Real Time Workshop, Embedded Coder, 20-sim
Development of wired and wireless monitoring and communication systems
EV system development -simulation, test, implementation, verification and validation
Wiring and modelling: Solidworks Electrical

R&D 4 wheeled vehicle
R&D 4 wheeled vehicle
Electrical Vehicle development
R&D 4 wheeled vehicle
R&D 4 wheeled vehicle
R&D 4 wheeled vehicle


In-house capabilities and skills, combined with an established supplier network.
Standard prototyping methods: milling, turning, laser or water cutting, sheet metal, tube and wire forming.
Wood and foam prototypes.
Composite manufacturing.
3D printing.

R&D 4 wheeled vehicle
R&D 4 wheeled vehicle
R&D 4 wheeled vehicle
R&D 4 wheeled vehicle

Production ramp-up

    Production & manufacturing documentation
    Tooling and product catalog
    Manufacturing sourcing & coordination
    Tooling design & built management
    Design modifications & tooling changes
    First article evaluation & verification
    Product support & concurrent engineering
    Cost optimization
    Pilot production

Ramp-up services



In order to demonstrate our competences we build a concept car that integrates new technologies as in-wheel-motors and drive-by-wire steering, suspensions, brakes and tilting.

We don’t have any legacy to protect, so we started from scratch and designed a completely new species of vehicle: longitudinal suspension arms and a tilting system which integrates a control momentum gyroscope. We adopted a separate chassis architecture on wich we can mount different cabins. We integrated the batteries and all the mechatronic functions in that platform-chassis and we obtained a „chassis by wire”.
Drive by wire technology is by design, the perfect base for the future driverless/autonomous cars, so we integrated a driverless kit, with lidars, obstacle and pedestrian detection systems, gps monitoring and central inertial measurement unit.
The result is obvious: a robot on wheels.

The design is 100% modular. It’s a configuration of functional modules for traction, steering, suspension, brakes and tilting. The interfaces between those modules are designed for easy replacement.
All functions are monitorized by sensors and cameras. We will be able to record, study and understand perfectly the functioning and behavior of each module and of all modules together.
Thanks to its full modularity we will be able to easily switch functional modules and test several versions.
We inted to develop different configurations of this platform and adapt them to usages like urban mobility, urban utility and robotic agriculture.

R&D Open Source Platform project
R&D electric vehicle Open Source Platform chassis

Platform chassis, integrating batteries and controllers.

R&D electric vehicle Open Source Platform Wheel motors

4 in wheel motors 17,5kw each, with 4 gearboxes, mounted on the suspension arm

R&D electric vehicle Open Source Platform Active suspension

Active suspension with longitudinal arms and a special mechanism, powered by an off-the-shelve electric motor.

R&D steering - electric vehicle Open Source Platform Steering

Steering. The new architecture with wheel-motors and longitudinal suspension arms leaded us toward an articulated steering system.

R&D electric vehicle Tilting - Open Source Platform Tilting

Tilting, specially designed for narrow, lane splitting vehicles and integrating a control moment gyroscope.

R&D electric vehicle Open Source Platform Brakes

Brakes , with specially designed actuators and calipers and off-the-shelve electric motors.

R&D electric vehicle Open Source Platform Chassis-cabin interface

Chassis-cabin interface, shifts the cabin load toward the interior of the steering circle, to insure stability and comfort.

R&D electric vehicle Open Source Platform Cabin

Cabin. Single seat cabin, for tests and monitoring, providing a joystick steering.


This is the first street-legal application of our work on the R&D platform
A modular trike that you can hack, customize, propose solutions...Get involved!

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